We cater to the elderly, working parents, disabled, new moms, college students, people without transportation, people who want to eat healthier and people who just don't like the grocery shopping chore.    

Just imagine...

​   -  Never standing in long lines at the grocery store

   -  Spending more time at home with your family

   -  Saving money on gas

​   -  Avoid unhealthy impulse buys

    - Driving home from work without stopping at the grocery store

    - Groceries in your home after returning from vacation...


Free Offers Included

Free Welcome Visit:  We come to your home and discuss your grocery list and specific requests.

Free Additional Services:  We can arrange to deliver your groceries to your home and put your groceries away when you are not there.

How It Works

(Step by Step)

You, in turn, reimburse us for the groceries plus a shopping fee

We deliver the groceries at the prearranged date and time.

We do the grocery shopping according to your grocery list.

Together we will arrange a time for delivery.

Send us your grocery list via email to info@grocerystoreexpress.com or phone our office at 817-404-4832 or our cell at 864-517-5611.

Office: 817-404-4832

Cell:  864-517-5611

Grocery Store Express
Mansfield, TX 76063 US
Office: 817-404-4832 Cell: 864-517-5611 Website: www.grocerystoreexpress.com
Email: info@grocerystoreexpress.com

Grocery Store Express, LLC

We do your grocery shopping and deliver!